Chapter 5 part 1

“Nothing happened. It’s just that…“

As the coachman hesitated, at that point, another soldier quickly intervened.

“Let’s go first. The Lord is waiting. The princess must also be tired.”

Lisa half expected that her carriage would just return back to the Capital…but she still thought of the possibility of them going forward.

Soon, the wagon wheel started rolling again, and Lisa lowered the curtain back. This time, the Knights were escorting them together, so a vibration that seemed to resonate with the Earth’s axis filled her body.

Arnulf Castle was so large that the mansion of the Duke of Aida was incomparable to it. It was not decorated with gentle colored marble, but was built in black gray stone, so it was filled with a cool feeling.

There must be a lot of people in such a large castle, but I didn’t feel the populace at all. The ceiling was so high, and the sound of my feet echoed as if I was stepping on stairs.

There was no atmosphere of celebration to welcome the incoming Princess. Lisa’s party was in a difficult situation to call it *Shin Haeng.

(ok so this is supposed to be a sort of pre wedding ritual in traditional korean weddings I think. If you want a more detailed version of the culture here’s a link

momogang cant wait for next chapter want to read whole novel click here

we are waiting for you ❤️

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